Bike Guide Devon's approach to guiding under Covid-19

As a British Cycling mountain bike leader, I am following British Cycling's guidance for Covid-19. This means the maximum group size for any guided ride will be 5 people.

Recommended social distancing is one metre plus mitigations. This means people that are not in a family group can ride one metre apart when side by side; two meters apart otherwise

If I develop any symptoms of Covid I will postpone or cancel your ride (you choose which). Please do the same if you have any symptoms. If a ride is cancelled due to Covid symptoms, and you do not want to reschedule, I will refund your payment.

You should, if possible, bring your own bike and equipment (spare tube, pump and other tools), and ensure that it is in good working order. I recommend bringing sunglasses or safety glasses as Covid can ingress through eyes as well as mouth and nose. If you are hiring a bike, check that the hirer has cleaned it thoroughly between customers.

You will also need to bring water and snack (please don't share with anyone that isn't in your family group), sanitiser and a face mask (this last one is just a safety precaution for use in case of an injury first aid requiring attention).

I continue to be covered under British Cycling insurance. I have a valid outdoor first aid certificate, and will carry appropriate PPE in addition to my usual first aid kit.