Cycling: a great way to improve your mood

It was chucking it down with rain all morning, and I had that cooped up feeling, so when it stopped and the sky seemed a little bit brighter I grabbed the opportunity to get out on my bike for a quick spin. Thanks to a broken wrist at the end of last year this is only the third bike ride I've had this year and it felt fantastic to be out.

As I rode down the back lane two buzzards circled overhead, crying out to each other. As I rounded a corner I got my first view of the sun reflecting off the sea a couple of miles south in Sidmouth. One of the joys of cycling for me is that you see the view, and it's not long until you're in it. By the time I got down to the prom the sun had pushed the clouds away, and the half term visitors were enjoying a the sun and the beach.

Like many people, I spend too much time sitting at my desk looking at a computer screen. After a couple of hours in the office I feel heavy, soggy and my brain gets a bit claggy. Getting out on my bike is my favourite antidote. I love the feel of the wind through my hair as I swoop downhill; the views that change with the seasons and with the light; and the power in my legs as I climb the hills. Most of all I like the exhilaration and joy it brings and the opportunity to clear my mind. My best ideas come when I'm outside, walking or riding my bike.

I came back from today's ride fresh and in the right mood to sit back at the computer and be productive, which is lucky as I need to put together the slides for a seminar I'm giving tomorrow.


#Sidmouth #bikeride #cycling #mood #Healthy

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