Have you put your partner (or a friend) off mountain biking for ever?

You love mountain biking. You're out on the trails after work, at the weekend, maybe for most of your holidays too. Mountain biking has become such a passion that you've become a bit of an evangelist. You want your friends to get the bug as well. And wouldn't it be so much fun if your nearest and dearest loved it too? Then you could go shredding together...

But are you the right person to enthuse them? Or will you scare the pants off them, and guarantee they never get on a mountain bike again?

I stumbled on this video recently, and while it made me laugh, it also rang so true.

It reminded me of so many stories I've heard. I'm sorry to say that these are often from women who have ventured off road with their partner. They've been put on a rubbish bike that weighs a tonne, taken straight down something that looks dead scary without being introduced to any of the skills needed to ride it. The result: a nasty fall or a long, tedious walk downhill only to have to push up the other side too. Either way it may well lead to a conviction that mountain biking is dangerous and not for them.

I get it of course. The better you get, the more you forget that it was a bit nerve wracking to start with. And, if jumping is your thing, then a staid, cross country type ride, with stops to chat or look at the view might not be your cup of tea. But if you want to get your partner onto a mountain bike it may be a good place to start.

The great news is that this is something you can outsource! Just as family aren't necessarily the best people to teach you to drive, your loved one isn't necessarily the right person to inspire a love of mountain biking. Luckily, there are lots of trained mountain bike leaders and coaches all around the country who will take your partner or friend on a suitable ride, and offer tips and tricks to improve their skills and build their confidence. They will also meet others of a similar standard to ride with. Click here to find a mountain bike leader near you .

Here at Bike Guide Devon we offer group guided rides, one-to-one confidence boost sessions and luxury mountain bike weekends. Some of them are women-only. We also offer Gift Vouchers for all of these. With Christmas coming up, they might make a nice present! Only saying...!

Click here to buy a Gift Voucher.

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